Medical Information


Illness and Injury

Emergencies: e.g. fractures, serious head injuries, fits/convulsions (previously undiagnosed), severe accidents, worsening medical conditions (asthma, heart conditions, diabetes etc.)

  • The nurse will arrange for emergency transport to hospital and a responsible adult will accompany the child. Parents will be informed at the earliest opportunity (up to date contact numbers are essential).  Parents will be asked to come to the hospital as soon as possible.  Parents are required to give the authority for anaesthetics/operations (the nurse cannot do this)
  • Parents are responsible for visiting and collecting their child from hospital.
  • Emergencies are normally handled by the Gilead Krankenhaus Kinder Klinic in Bielefeld.

Where injuries are less obvious (non-emergency), but still a possible cause for concern, the nurse will inform parents and ask them to make arrangements to have the problem checked out by either:

  • collecting their child in order to take them home.
  • or making arrangements for further review or assessment at their Medical Centre with a G.P.
  • or contact TAS (telephone assessment) via their medical centre.
  • General illness (Parents should not send their child to school if he/she is unwell).

The nurses' role is primarily one of health promotion, and supporting various subjects and elements of the school curriculum.  She monitors and supports students with newly diagnosed or pre-existing medical conditions.  The nurse can arrange and deliver vaccination programmes and link with the school health team and services.  The nurse can deal with medical emergencies.

The nurse DOES NOT prescribe medication/drugs.  The nurse or designated first aider can supervise your child taking prescribed medication or prescribed analgesics (pain killers) if parents have spoken to the nurse and necessary SCE Medical forms have been signed and completed.

Any child/student who becomes unwell during the school day will receive first aid and assessment.  If the nurse or first aider feels they are too ill for school, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child.  If parents have collection or transport problems they will be asked to contact their Unit Welfare Office for assistance and support.  The nurse will need to be informed about home transport arrangements.  There is NO sanitarium or bed facility in School.

X-Rays: in an emergency situation x-rays will be taken at Gilead Kinder Krankenhaus in Bielefeld.  Normal investigative x-rays should be arranged by parents at their local/interest Krankenhaus.

General illness: any child suffering a mild illness or cold will be assessed and treated if possible.  Children with vomiting or diarrhoea or raised temperature will need to be collected so they can receive more comfortable and intimate care and attention.  

Dental Treatment

All King's students are entitled to use the dental facilities on Mansergh Barracks.  Parents should contact the dental centre directly on 05241 84 2208 (civ.) Mil (732208) and request a consent form.  No treatment will be possible without a signed dental form.

Parents are responsible for making dental appointments for their child with the dental receptionist.  Parents should write the appointment in their child's school planner diary.  Students normally attend routine dental appointments unaccompanied but students must book out of school via the main school office and book in again once treatment is completed.

Orthodontic Treatment

Parents make appointments via the dental centre.  The dentist will arrange referral if necessary.  Parents are often requested to accompany their child on initial consultations.  Consent forms are required.

Eye Tests

For further information about eye test procedures please follow the link to the Germany patient wise page.  

School Nurse Office

The office is located in block 15 on ext. 2246.  The nurses have a small adjoining quiet area.  There are 'no bedding down' facilities.  Sick/ill students may use this area whilst they wait to be collected by parents.  The nurse reviews and supervises these students.  If the nurse has an emergency situation which requires her to leave the school, ill students will be escorted to the main office to wait for the parents.  Students can be supervised by a first-aider.

Please be advised that the nurse tends to be cautious in coming to any judgement or diagnosis, and that requests for parents to come and take children home are in the best interests of the child.  We thank parents for their understanding and co-operation in this and apologise for what, in hindsight may seem to be an unnecessary inconvenience.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or complaints.  We value your support and co-operation.

Useful telephone numbers
  • Mansergh Barracks Medical Centre: 05241 84 2272
  • Mansergh Barracks Dental Centre: 05241 84 2208
  • King's School Nurse: 05241 84 2246

The school nurse can be contacted if you have any queries.