Medical Conditions

Supporting King’s Students.

Students at school with medical conditions should be properly supported so they have full access to education, physical education and school trips. Students should have a full and active role in school life, remain healthy and achieve their academic potential.

If your child has a long term and/or complex medical condition that requires ongoing support or care it is vital that you contact the school nurse to discuss this before your child starts school. The school nurse will discuss your child’s individual needs and develop an individual care plan so that your child can join King’s School safely.  This care plan may involve additional health care professionals available to support the health of your child. In order to complete this process quickly it is important that parents provide school with sufficient background and up- to- date information about their child’s medical needs.

An individual health care plan provides clarity about what needs to be done for your child, when and by whom.  Many health and medical conditions can fluctuate in severity so each child may not require a healthcare plan. The school, healthcare professionals, teachers and parents should agree, based on evidence, when a healthcare plan would be appropriate. The healthcare plan should be easily accessible on a ‘needs to know basis’ whilst preserving confidentiality.   The healthcare plan will be reviewed annually or earlier if your child’s needs or medical condition alter. If your child has a special educational need identified in a statement or EHC plan, the individual healthcare plan will be linked.

The healthcare plan involves a partnership between parents, the child, school staff, healthcare professionals and where appropriate social care professionals. School staff will have received suitable training and be competent to take on the responsibility to support a child with a medical condition. The child should ideally be fully involved in the discussions about their medical support needs and comply with the individual healthcare plan. Some children may feel competent to manage all, or some, of their own health needs and medicines. This would be reflected in the healthcare plan. Children will be allowed to carry their own emergency medicines or devices for quick self-medication as agreed and discussed on the plan. If it is not appropriate or possible for a child to self-manage, then designated, appropriately trained staff could help to administer medicines or emergency devices.  Parents should provide school with sufficient background and up- to- date information about their child’s medical needs.

Managing medicines policy can also be viewed on the school website.

If your child has a disability as defined under the Equality Act 2010 and/ or special educational needs  (SEN) and a statement, or Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan, please contact the SEN lead and co-ordinator Mr Burns at King’s School on 73 2327 prior to your child starting school.  If you have any supporting paperwork from your child’s previous school, or have medical paperwork, please bring this with you.

School Trips

Any student with a medical condition who wishes to participate on a school trip, visit, or sporting activity will be supported and adjustments made so the child can participate according to their abilities, unless a GP or consultant states it is not possible.  Trip organisers will consult with the school nurse to obtain current medical alert conditions and the qualified first-aider( required on every trip) will liaise with the school nurse if any medication is required. In addition, risk assessments (part of trip application) will also explain how any control measures regarding medical conditions will be managed.

In order to ensure we keep you child safe in school it is vital that the school nurse is kept informed of any changes to any medical conditions your child has.  It is also important that the school nurse is kept informed of any changes to medication.

Contact:  Mrs Collier on 05241 842246 or mil 73-2246

Alternatively contact the main school office on 05241 842210