Learning Support

Kings Learning Support is fortunate to have 6 full time and one part time Learning Support Assistants. Whilst there have been a number of recent changes, several members of the team have been here for some time which gives the staff and children a considerable degree of continuity.
Staff are encouraged to further develop their skill level by enrolling on the NVQ Level three course. Currently three staff have completed modules towards accreditation and a further 4 staff are to begin modules soon. In addition the SENCO has achieved the NVQ Assessors qualification enabling the school to offer the NVQ level 3 as a major part of the professional development of support staff.
LSA’s are attached to the core departments, English, Maths and Science, and support is targeted at the pupils who need it most. Using Provision Mapping to ensure that pupils are prioritised in order of need is a recent development which helps to target support.
We continue to make considerable use of the Success Maker program to enhance pupils’ reading and spelling skills. Currently 18 pupils in year 7, with a reading age of below 8 years and 6 months have access to the program twice a week in lessons and the facility is also now available during tutor time and break time. Increased use of the Success Maker programs during Maths lessons has proved to be effective with staff being able to target specific concepts as the focus of their lessons.
The Learning Support department is open to all students at tutor time and throughout lunchtimes. Pupils not only have access to the Success Maker program but are encouraged to make use of the learning facilities available within the department. Some pupils are specifically invited and there has been a significant uptake of this facility throughout the school.
We continue to develop voice activated software for those students who find difficulty in expressing themselves in the written form. Pupils are encouraged to dictate their thoughts to the computer which then word processes the text. This has obvious benefits with most subjects having a coursework component which contributes to a pupil’s overall grade.
Considerable support has been directed to pupils who have English as an additional language. Advice and support is provided by the Inclusion Support Development team for SCE and significant progress has been made with regard to pupils understanding and comprehension.
For further information regarding Learning Support, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Burns, the King’s School SENCO on Gutersloh Military 2327.