KVH (King's Vocational Hub)

King’s Vocational Hub was formed in September 2015 to provide a one-stop shop for 16-19 year old learners who do not wish to follow the traditional route of academic study post-16. The Hub serves young people in Westfalen Garrison covering Gutersloh, Bielefeld and Sennelager/Paderborn.
Where are we based?
KVH is based in a new facility on Mansergh Barracks.  It has four interactive teaching rooms; office space and a Common Room.  There is full access to computer facilities and a variety of learning resources, including the internet and City and Guilds 
What we offer
We aim to offer young people work-based learning opportunities in a variety of vocational settings.  Typically, learners will enrol on a National Vocational Qualification administered by City and Guilds.  The essential work-based activities will take place in a work placement such as an office, a gym, an engineering workshop, a catering establishment, a hair salon or a child care setting. In addition those learners who have not yet gained a C grade in English and/or Maths will have additional study in King’s Vocational Hub.
Each learner will be allocated an assessor who is an expert in their field of study.  They will provide the academic support that is required for success as well as the pastoral support that is sometimes needed to maintain a learner’s engagement.  These assessors will meet with learners in the work place to ensure that they are progressing on their course; they will provide subject specific support and advice on how best to complete their chosen course of study.
In addition, KVH learners have access to a Careers Advisor who will be able to give impartial advice on how best to make the next steps to further study or employment either in BFG or back in the UK.
NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training)
There may be a number of learners in BFG who find themselves temporarily not in education, employment or training - NEET. We are able to offer additional support to these learners until a suitable programme of study can be found for them.  This support is offered by AWS and takes the form of a number of workshops delivered on a Thursday in King’s Vocational Hub. 
Attendance allowance
In recognition of the additional costs that may be incurred by a learner on a work-based programme, all learners will receive an attendance allowance of €10 per day which is paid monthly in arrears.
Contacting us
If you would like to find out more about the courses KVH has to offer, or to find out if vocational education is for you, please contact one of the following people by e-mail.
Mr D Cummings   dave.cummings@modschools.org  Or  Mr J R Davies  Kcn.assthead2@modschools.org
Work based learning
Business Administration
Customer Service
Early years education
Fitness and Exercise
Hospitality and Catering
Hairdressing and Barbering
Supporting Teaching and Learning