How is King's School accessible to children with Physical Disabilities?


King’s School is situated on Mansergh Barracks, currently home to 26 Regiment of the Royal Artillery. Our school is planned over three floors with access to the ground floor being up a flight of six steps.

We have made a number of adaptations to the school to facilitate access, but please bear in mind that wheelchair access is all but impossible.


  • Ramp for improved access to dining room
  • Wheelchair lift into block 15, providing access to block 14 and 13
  • Additional Hand rails throughout the school
  • Specialist chairs
  • Modified toilet provision
  • School Nurse on site
  • We ensure that equipment used is accessible to all children regardless of their needs
  • After school provision is available to all children including those with SEND
  • We try to ensure that Extra Curricular visits and activities are available to all students including those with SEND

Please contact the school to discuss your child’s access needs.