How can I let the school know if I have concerns about my child's progress at school?


Your child will be allocated a Tutor on arrival at school. Tutors are the usual first line of communication and can be contacted through phone or by email. You can get the email through going to our website and clicking on: support and then your child’s house.

All students at King’s are in one of four houses, each with a Head of House who is responsible for the progress and pastoral welfare of the student within their house. Contact can be made by phoning the Pastoral Office on Gut: 05241 842350.

Heads of House are: Mr Wrighting - Churchill House

Mrs Stevenson - Darwin House

Mr Griffiths - Austen House

Mr Stubbs - Redgrave House

Mr Davies - The Director of Sixth Form

Mr Burns is the schools Special Educational Needs and Disabilities coordinator and should be contacted if you have concerns relating to your child’s needs.