Home Learning

We believe that learning cannot be isolated to the school, and that an important contribution to a child’s progress can be made at home. Students at King’s school are expected to complete a reasonable amount of homework, but it is our intention to be conscious of the amount of time children spend travelling to and from school each day. Children should still have the time and energy to engage in other active and participative hobbies and interests beyond school.

At the start of the year each student is given a homework timetable designed to spread the load more evenly across the week. The following guidelines are designed to ensure the delivery of a reasonable homework regime. 

  1. Homework should have a clear objective, and be part of a planned learning programme for the student.
  2. Homework will not normally be set to be handed in the following day – in rare cases this may be unavoidable. Normally, no more that 3 homework's will be set on one night and this would be unusual.
  3. Homework is appropriate. If the students have the resources at home to complete the tasks set, for example; access to texts or computer.
  4. Differentiation: tasks should offer a similar degree of challenge to each student.
  5. Students are expected to record all homework in their planners and we ask parents to look at the planners regularly. There may be notes from teaching staff, or you may wish to write a note back to school regarding a concern of your own.
  6. Form tutors will check the planner on a regular basis.
Teaching staff may require students to attend a lunchtime detention if homework is not completed. The support of parents in ensuring adequate time is spent on homework is welcome. As a guide, children could expect the following:
Year 7               20-30 minutes on each subject set
Year 8               25-35 minutes on each subject set
Year 9               30-40 minutes on each subject set
Year 10/11        35-45 minutes per subject: core subjects may set additional tasks
In the sixth form expectations are that students will not only complete set tasks, but also engage in background preparation and reading. An A level student should expect to spend 5 hours on each subject every week.