The School Governance Committee

What is a School Governance Committee?

The School Governance Committee (SGC) is a team of people who work closely with the Headteacher to help make key decisions about the successful running of the school. The SGC contributes to discussion on issues that affect the well-being and education of our students. It plays an important part in improving standards and in monitoring the School’s budget and works to the following ToRs.  Please see attached.

Who are the members of the SGC?

The SGC is made up of a range of representatives from across the Garrison and is chaired by the Garrison Commander or Deputy Commander. The SGC meets termly and current members are:

Chairperson - Lt Col McMonagle

Headteacher - Mrs Emma Bryson

Secretary - Mrs Lisa Crowley

Safeguarding - Mr Jim Davies, Mrs Kim Fox, Mrs Laura Grant, Mrs Carole Rudd

Finance - Mrs Clair Turner, Mr Bob Bolt, Mr Davies (QM)

HR - Mrs Clair Turner, Mrs Jane Myers

Data - Mr Stephen Watson, Miss Nichola Robertshaw, Mrs Jane Myers

Leadership/Teaching/Learning - Mrs Emma Bryson, Revd Graeme McConville ,Mr Ian Davies

Parents - Mr Ian Collier, Mrs Kim Fox, Mrs Jane Myers

Student Representatives - Tom Myers, Adam Walsh, Kara McCarthy







Main Roles of the SGC:


  • Provide a strategic overview, by focusing on the key issues of raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning.
  • Act as a Critical Friend, by providing the headteacher and staff with support and advice using members’ knowledge and experience.

  • Ensure Accountability, by questioning and openly discussing with the headteacher the school’s performance and other issues, whilst respecting both the professional roles of the headteacher and school staff and their responsibilities for the management of the school.

How do we carry out our work?

The SGC meets once a term as a whole committee to review and discuss the school improvement plan. Sub-committees also meet once per term to provide challenge and support in their areas if expertise. Minutes from these meetings are shared as part of the whole committee meeting.


What does the SGC not do?

The SGC does not act as the first line of complaints about any aspect of the school and its day to day work. The MOD Schools' complaints procedure should be referred to in these instances.

Please note that SGC committees in MOD schools vary in their activities compared to Governing Bodies in the UK, where the governors have greater executive responsibility for the management of schools, including employing staff.

Want to become a member? 

Please contact the secretary, on Ext. 73 2226 or 05241 842226.