What personal ICT devices can I use in school?

You may use either a laptop, smart phone or tablet computer (iPad, Android tablet).

How do I get permission to use a personal ICT device in school?

Sign and return the BYOD agreement to your tutor and return by the specified date so that it can be passed onto the school office. Your return will be recorded on SIMS and ICT services will enable your account to access the BYOD network.

My Device will not connect to the Network – will ICT help?

ICT are unable to assist in getting your device onto our network. As long as the network is functioning correctly it will be up to individual users to resolve any technical difficulties they have with their device.

Can I transfer work from school computers to my personal ICT device?

Students may transfer files from the school network to their laptops using a USB pen drive or via the ITS Learning VLE. Students will not be able to access their home drive on the school network directly from their device.

Can I physically plug my device into the School Network using a network cable?

Students are forbidden from plugging any device into the school network using a network cable. If a student disregards this they may be banned from using the BYOD network/device confiscated.

Can I use my device as a personal WiFi hotspot or broadcast my own wireless network to allow others to access the internet?

Students are not permitted to use their device to broadcast their own SSID or use it as a hotspot so that it can allow others to access the internet. Any student enabling such a network would be committing a gross breach of trust and would be banned from the BYOD network. Additional sanctions for breaching school rules would also apply.

Can I use my personal ICT device in class?

Devices may only be used in class with the approval of the class teacher.

Why can’t I access Youtube?

Youtube is filtered for students due to bandwidth limitations. Our connection to the internet is not sufficient enough that we can allow all our students access to bandwidth intensive apps and websites without it affecting or main educational network.

How do I charge my ICT device at school?

Devices should be charged at home. All electrical devices used in school need to be PAT tested so, for Health and Safety reasons, personal devices cannot be charged in school. Students found charging their device in School may be banned from using the BYOD network.

Why am I filtered and monitored on my own device? Shouldn’t I be able to see what I want to on my own device?

King’s School is providing you with a service that it is committed to making as safe and secure as possible. This is part of our wider duty of care to which all who work in schools are bound to follow. Your device is using the King’s BYOD wireless network which is filtered and secured according to our specifications and with agreement of SLT. Please note, the BYOD WiFi network is primarily to help support teaching and learning and not as a recreational tool.

I can’t access a certain website – can ICT unblock it for me?

ICT are unable to unblock any websites at the request of students.


Please note:  User access to the internet through the King’s wireless network is in a trial state. Changes may have to be made as we evaluate how it is working and it is important to understand that King’s School has the right to make any necessary changes to how the wireless access works for the best interest and security of pupils and staff in the School.