Educational Inclusion

Educational inclusion is more than a concern about any one group of pupils. Its scope is broad. It is about equal opportunities for all pupils whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, attainment, sexual orientation, disability or background.
It pays particular attention to the provision made for different groups and the achievement of pupils within a school. It could apply to any or all of the following: 
  • girls and boys
  • minority ethnic and faith groups
  • students who need support to learn English as an additional language
  • students with special needs
  • gifted and talented students
  • others, such as sick children, young carers, those children from families under stress, pregnant girls and teenage mothers
  • any students who are at risk of disaffection or exclusion
This entails the monitoring of:
We expect attendance of all students to be over 90%
We expect all students to participate in the full range of curricular activities and as many as want to be able to have the opportunity to take part in extra curricular activities. We also expect all students to have the opportunity to be involved in other activities in the school, such as taking on responsibilities, being a buddy for new students, coaching others in PE etc.
We expect students to achieve their potential in academic and social terms
King’s School believes: 
  • that there is value in the contribution that all members of the school make to our community 
  • that the creation and maintenance of a culture in which everyone should have equal opportunity for, and an entitlement to, learning, is essential
  • that there is a wide range of talents and skills existing in the school, recognising that everyone is able to play a part as a sensitive and responsible citizen in society